Next Generation Cancer Diagnostics and Monitoring Technologies

Imagine the potential of diagnostics enabling personalized cancer care

Our Mission

Every cancer is unique – and every cancer patient needs to be treated differently

We use state-of-the-art technologies to develop cancer-specific diagnostics and monitoring tests and provide physicians with therapy-decision support. Through our innovative and high-quality products, we strive to improve patient care.

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Our Solutions

Precise diagnosis, and non-invasive monitoring of tumor progression

Oncobit™ DxM, LBM, and PM are diagnostic and monitoring tests, providing support towards advanced and more personalized therapies.

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Our Journey


Oncobit Team Expansion

Dr. Elisa Bellini as Senior Scientist and Dr. Barbara Geissmann as Senior Computer Scientist officially join the Oncobit team. Both are experts in their respective fields, and previously worked closely with Oncobit through an Innosuisse project.

Oncobit passes Second Stage of Venture Kick

Oncobit successfully passes the second stage of Venture Kick and wins CHF 40’000.

Reinforcement of Team and Relocation of Oncobit Offices

Oncobit moves into its own offices in Schlieren and expands its software team by welcoming Lucas Kohler, joining from ETH, where he obtained a Master in Statistics, as well as Dr. Stephany Orjuela, who just completed her PhD in bioinformatics.

Oncobit Closes CHF 2.3 million Seed Financing Round

The MedTech startup based in Zurich secures more than CHF 2.3 million in seed financing. With Dr. Simona Morello (Business Developer) and Dr. Elena Clementi (Product Developer) two new specialists will strengthen the Oncobit team to further develop its products and obtain regulatory approval.

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Oncobit Attends Prestigious Innosuisse Market Validation Camp

Oncobit is part of the Innosuisse internalisation camp spring cohort, to move forward with market validation in the US.

Oncobit Passes First Stage of Venture Kick

Oncobit successfully passes the first stage of Venture Kick and wins CHF 10’000.

Oncobit Receives USZ Health Innovation Hub Support

Oncobit is accepted into the innovation program of the Health Innovation Hub from the University Hospital Zurich and receives CHF 200’000.

Oncobit Ranks in the Top-5 of the Swiss AI Award

Oncobit is selected to be under the Top-5 of the first Swiss AI Award.


Oncobit’s tests provide critical decision support in the treatment and monitoring of advanced melanoma patients.

Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Dummer, Department of Dermatology USZ, Head of the Skin tumor center, Expert for the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zürich